He Retaliated When A Woman Made A Rude Comment To A Disabled Worker

I work with disabled adults. Today I and another staff member took our client out to lunch. It was a first for us, as his behaviors can be very intense. Violence, aggression, self-injurious-behavior, etc. But I was confident in my staff, and the restaurant wasn’t very busy at all. So we went in, gave it a go. Worst case scenario? He gets upset, starts to show signs of agitation, and we pay the bill and walk out.

Thankfully, that’s not how it turned out. He did phenomenally well! He was genuinely ecstatic and walked around the buffet choosing all his favorite items. He had the freedom to get up, make different choices he might not otherwise get in other situations, and had a blast. In the end, we let him choose anything he wanted for the dessert table. He was laughing and making some noise, for sure, but nothing too unreasonable. He gave the waitress/busboy a hug and left the place laughing. It was a good day.

On the way out of the door, however, a pair of old ladies remarked to each other quite loudly,”I don’t think people LIKE HIM should be allowed into a restaurant.” On instinct, I quipped back “I don’t think people LIKE YOU should be allowed to share his air.”

Long story short, word got back to the company that I misrepresented the company in public, and I’ll have a “sit down” with my supervisor tomorrow. Was I right? I think so. Was the look on her face absolutely priceless? You bet!

I told my superior that I positively represented our company by standing by our clients/patients, I was not about to let a woman of perfect health(both physically and mentally) verbally discriminate on one of our patients that have recently seen positive progress being outside a supervised area. And when they commented on him I felt to take immediate action to stop her assault. It falls under my moral code.

For her part, my superior agreed with what I did and said she’d make sure I’d be getting a raise during our yearly review. It wasn’t necessary, but it was good to know that my boss was as principled as I am.

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