It Looks Like A Regular Deck, Until It Begins Moving…

We all want our home to be everything these days. At least here in America. We want it to be our five-star restaurant, our office, our gym, and even our movie theater. The same with our yards. They’ve got to be the perfect place to have a barbecue, to swim, or even to bowl! This hasn’t always been the case. In many parts of the world, the home has remained the place where you go when you’re not busy doing something else. Maybe you have some food, read a book, then hit the hay.

Even stalwart countries are beginning to budge. Many Europeans and others are now craving the Swiss-Army-Knife-style homes that Americans have long sought. The thing is, even in America, we don’t always have enough room to have everything we want in our home or our yard.

So that makes this pool the perfect solution to having it all. A seamless, attractive teak deck begins to quietly recede to reveal a gorgeous swimming pool. Founded in Israel in 1990, AGOR Engineering specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of movable swimming pool floors, as well as other creative engineering ideas. The company also works with sliding roofs and retractable, expanding walls and windows. Pool floors like this one are possible due to a water-based hydraulic system, which seamlessly moves from deck to floor. This particular model features a teak facade over stainless steel and can be adjusted to varying depths.


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