This Is The Most Essential Action You Need To Know If You Hit A Deer With Your Car

During the fall, it’s prime deer mating season. Drivers need to be a bit more vigilant on the open road to avoid hitting one.

But what happens if, despite your every effort, you end up hitting a deer with your car? This is much more common than you may think, and most people are completely oblivious to what they should do when it does.

As deer get into their annual mating season, drivers need to be aware that their presence on roads increases.

In addition to common practices like making sure your seatbelt is buckled, everyone should make sure to use high beams and keep an eye out for crossing signs.

There are around 1 million vehicle collisions with deer every year, and every driver should know what to do if they hit one with their vehicle.

deer accident

After first checking on the safety of yourself and any others in your car, stay where you are (do not drive away) and call the police. They can connect you with the proper services. Many animals aren’t beyond help, and if they are, the authorities can help do the humane thing.

Too many people just keep on driving, not stopping to ask themselves if the deer may still be alive. Please make sure you do the right thing.

deer accident

Please drive safely. It could save a life.

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