Unbelievable Rescue Of A Deer 6 Miles From The Shore

This is about the last thing you would ever expect returning from a shark fishing expedition.

Suddenly you see, not a shark, but a deer floating in the New Jersey sound! Rob Kurdy and his buddies pulled their boat closer, and sure enough, it was a shivering deer who had been pretty much swimming in circles a whopping 6 miles from shore! They approached with caution, and naturally realized that they couldn’t allow this guy to drown. So they decided to attempt to somehow bring the deer back to land.

Rob grabbed rope and made a makeshift lasso that he was able to get around the deer and carefully pull him back to shore. Since they weren’t able to beach their own boat, one of the guys jumped out with a life vest, and then helped to drag the deer in. It took an incredible 3 hours to accomplish the rescue. But it paid off. The big deer made it in, and was now warm. Once rested, he was able to get up and walk off by himself, no doubt certainly relieved to be on ground and out of the chilly waters! Great job guys!


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