Depression Is A Whole Lot More Than Simply “Being Sad”

When someone suffers from depression, he or she may not necessarily appear to be the saddest person in the room. Sometimes,  the person you least expect can be suffering from depression. While they may appear to be happy, they are really trying to convince themselves.


Depression is not always the melancholy person in the corner. It can be the happiest person in the room who also may be casting the biggest shadow.

Depression is usually the person whose silence is deafening while not asking for help.

Depression is ugly, and it does everything to hide.There is nothing beautiful about it and when you are alone, you may scream at the top of your lungs but never actually make a sound.

It is the sleepless nights of tossing and turning.

It is that particular time of year where you get sad for no reason.

It is the tears you cry behind closed doors.

It is wanting to be around people but pushing them away.

It is canceling at the last minute because you cannot get out of bed.

It is hitting the snooze button on your alarm because you cannot face another day.

Depression is the dark cloud looming overhead, waiting to ruin your happiest moments.

Depression lurks while looking for signs of vulnerability.

It is the fear of temporary happiness that is bound to fade.

It is only having a good day once in awhile.

It is the struggle within while trying to rationalize your sadness.

Depression has toxic habits.

Depression is drinking to numb your pain.

Depression is knowing alcohol is a depressant, but needing it to feel better.

Depression is constant unbalance in your life.

Depression can be exercising for days on end and then staying in bed for weeks at a time.

It can be sleeping too much or not enough.

It is overeating.

It is weight loss that you just couldn’t help.

Depression is people asking if you are okay.

It envies the happy people in your life.

Depression overcompensates in relationships.

It is giving love to others and not yourself.

Depression is becoming addicted to anything.

It is the need to stay busy because if not, you will have too much time to think.

Depression is the person who would do anything to make others happy.

Depression is observant. You know what it is like to hide things, so you look for it in others.

Depression is hope.

Depression does not define you, it is part of you.

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