20 Facts About Having Both Depression And Anxiety That No One Tells You

This world can be a stressful place.  Your time is limited and you seem to be rushing to get things done.  It’s no wonder that nearly half of all people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  Personally, I don’t believe that we need a doctor to tell us what we already know.  We live in unnatural environments and do nothing that contributes to our purpose. Deep down we know this, but who are we to change the way that it is?  Needless to say, this society has officially consumed us and now we must find a way to deal with going against this raging current until we sink, swim or go with the flow.  Therefore, let’s assume that we all suffer from this deeply personal condition and find comfort in knowing that none of us are alone.

What is Depression with a side of Anxiety Disorder?

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1. It’s expecting the best score possible as if nothing less will do, but you’re not willing to study hard enough to deserve it.

2. It’s lying in bed to avoid school or work while stressing about what will happen if you don’t get up and go.

3. It’s refusing to move because you’re tired, but your heart pounds in anticipation of the first step.

4. It’s when you feel tense about a mess that needs to be cleaned, but only stare at it and think to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

5. It’s making lists of what needs to be done, but nothing gets done.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

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6. It’s canceling plans (again) with your friends because you don’t have the energy to go and assume that they will not forgive you this time.

7. It’s feeling bad for being single but not following through on any opportunities to date because the thought makes you panic a little.

8. It’s fearing that you are not good enough for your partner anymore and that they deserve better than you.

9. It’s wanting to be contacted by everyone without wanting to respond to anyone (texts, invitations etc.).

10. It’s fearing loneliness while pushing people away whenever they try to get close.

You are not alone.

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11. It’s wanting to go back to bed in the afternoon, but your nerves are keeping you awake.

12. It’s refusing to do something today to face what scares you most about the future.

13. It’s believing that anything good is simply “too good to last”.

14. It’s having no sleep patterns at all.

15. It’s not being able to control your thoughts and at the same time wishing that you had a break from them.

Nobody tells you how to solve it and so, you simply live with it.

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16. It’s having so much to do, but not wanting to do it.

17. It’s needing a coping mechanism to deal with yourself because you’re constantly trying to escape yourself.

18. It’s knowing that you are the cause of your own heartache because you’re making up reasons to feel emotional pain.

19. It’s being awake at 3 a.m. because of a future that you are supposed to have but don’t really want.

20. It’s feeling overwhelmed and numb at the same time because no matter what, you’ll never win.

If you are dealing with thoughts of suicide, you can speak to someone immediately here or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which you can reach at 1-800-273-8255.

If you want to speak with someone anonymously, go here for additional help.


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