Little Boy Has Fond Memories Of His Wheelchair Bound Uncle

This hits hard for me. I had an uncle who I was very close to who was very sick the entire time I knew him. I know he had very, very severe diabetes but I don’t remember what else he suffered from.

I have these distinct memories of him taking me to McDonald’s so we could throw the fries to the seagulls that hung out in the parking lot and he’d always have the heat on full blast because the circulation to his extremities was so poor.

By the time he died, he lost both of his legs and 4 of his fingers. The irony has he loved basketball so much. He used to chase me around with his leg “nubs” and race me down the street in his electric wheelchair. He was really amazing, he never let me be afraid of his amputations or his condition. I even used to give him insulin shots even though needles scare me as an adult. He was a remarkable human being. I miss him and I wish he could’ve known me as a real developed person. Unfortunately, I was 6 when he died. I hope he’d be proud.

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