She Left Her Boyfriend After His Mom Insulted Her Brother

My brother is blind, has been since birth, and he lives with me. Not that he needs someone to take care of him, just living with me makes his life much easier and I like it this way. He is pretty independent and has a great job and great future. I’m proud of him big time.

Last month we went to visit our parents back in our home country. So on the way back, my parents filled our luggage with stuff, gifts, food, etc. At the airport, we had to pay some excess baggage charges. Last night I was at my boyfriend’s parents, and I was chatting with his parents and sister. My boyfriend wasn’t in the room when these all happened, so he didn’t see anything first hand.

They asked about my trip and all, I said it was all good except that we had to pay a lot of excess baggage which was unexpected. Boyfriend’s mom started laughing which made everyone wonder! His dad asked, “What’s so funny?” She said that she just couldn’t stop appreciating the irony that “excess baggage had to pay for excess baggage.” I didn’t get it at. First, nobody did, but she clarified that “Your brother is like an excess baggage on you, you took him on a trip and had to pay excess baggage on the excess baggage as well, it’s like double dipping just the other way around.”

I wanted to punch her but restrained myself, just told her that she’s a piece of sh*t, apologized to the sister and dad and walked out. Texted my boyfriend that I had to leave and we’ll talk tomorrow. He came out, and we talked a bit about what happened, he offered to go back in there and try to sort things out, and I agreed.

She posted a Facebook status update saying “My son’s girlfriend called me a piece of sh*t because she disagreed with how I described what happened on a trip.”

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend talked to his dad and his sister, and though they said the same things I did, he disagreed and took the side of his mom and thinks I’m being oversensitive about all of this. Nobody was taking her side on this except for him. It was incredibly unkind of her to say what she said about my brother, and it was unkind of him to show so little empathy towards my brother.

I’ve since decided to break up with him because he’s clearly not a person I want in my life, as much as it hurts.

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