Disabled Rooster Is Afraid To Go In The Chicken Coop At Night

Poodle Doo, a handsome rooster was found leaving the coop and opting to spend his nights alone in the field.  His owners were afraid dangerous predators could attack at any moment. They had no idea why he would choose the frigid field over the comfortable coop!

Disabled Rooster1

After months of looking for Poodle Doo in the middle of the night, the farmers decided to keep him separated from the other roosters and chickens. He had his very own place to rest and relax. After a few months of separation, they came to the conclusion that Poodle Doo was ready to rejoin the rest of the flock. But when the farmers tried to reintroduce him in a healthy way, the other roosters ganged up on him and almost killed him during his first night back in the coop.

Disabled Rooster2

As soon as they found Poodle Doo, the farmers rushed him into treatment and carefully nursed him back to health. The mystery of why he was leaving the coop at night was solved throughout his rehabilitation, they discovered a few other interesting tidbits about why Poodle Doo was ousted from his home. Now Poodle Doo uses what he learned while he was healing to help other injured animals on the farm!


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