Dad Builds Incredible Bus-Themed Bunk Bed For His Young Daughter

When you’re a kid, there’s no denying that bunk beds are pretty awesome! With just a little bit of imagination, they can also become magical play lands for any youngster. What if you could give their imagination a little boost by actually turning one into something spectacular?

This genius dad did when he decided to start this amazing project for his daughter. Check out what he did!

This dad knew he wanted to do something special for his daughter, so he started planning a big project. First, he gathered a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated materials.

DIY bus bunk bed1

He then took the frame from a regular bunk bed, and prepped it for the big project.

DIY bus bunk bed2

Dad bought this simple bed frame off of Craigslist for only $25!

DIY bus bunk bed3

Once some additional height was added, he moved on to the next part of his design.

DIY bus bunk bed4

He built a frame to give shape to the body of the bunk bed. At this point, his little girl had no idea what she was getting.

DIY bus bunk bed5

Dad got an old bumper and mounted it to the front of the bunk bed.

DIY bus bunk bed6

He rounded out the panels to give it a familiar shape.

DIY bus bunk bed7

He also added actual functional doors.

DIY bus bunk bed8

Hmm…this is starting to look awfully familiar.

DIY bus bunk bed9

All it was missing was a coat of paint and some windows!

DIY bus bunk bed10

A layer of paint was added in this distinctive ‘V’ shape.

DIY bus bunk bed11

Then he painted it a familiar orange.

DIY bus bunk bed12

For character — and accuracy — he added a dashboard, complete with a wheel and speedometer!

DIY bus bunk bed13

He’s also added headlights…that actually work!

DIY bus bunk bed14

Here’s a close-up view of the dashboard. He even stained the wood to give it that nice old feel.

DIY bus bunk bed15

Dad then added a little hammock where the bottom bunk would be. How cool is that!?

DIY bus bunk bed16

It was really looking good. But the best part is still to come!

DIY bus bunk bed17

It’s almost ready to be revealed, but a few finishing touches were in order…

DIY bus bunk bed18

Every kid needs a hiding place for toys and other goodies.

DIY bus bunk bed19

Once it was finished, it was time to get this amazing creation inside.

DIY bus bunk bed20

Just look at the detail on the interior. What kid wouldn’t love this?

DIY bus bunk bed21

First he moved the frame into his daughter’s bedroom…

DIY bus bunk bed22

…and voila!

DIY bus bunk bed23


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