Make Your Own Flower Planter Using An Old Towel And Cement

Watch what happens when one woman mixed concrete and bath towels together… 

Here are the only things you’ll need for this great project.

DIY concrete towel1

While wearing a pair of gloves, fill half of a five-gallon bucket with concrete and enough water for it to appear a little “soupier” than normal.

DIY concrete towel2

Get an old towel and a second five-gallon bucket, and lay the towel over the bucket. Make sure the ends of the towel are touching the floor. Now take the towel, put it in the bucket of concrete, and mix it around. After covering every centimeter of the towel in concrete, lay it over the 2nd upside-down bucket. It there are parts not covered with concrete, be sure to cover them.

DIY concrete towel3

Finally, wait 24 to 48 hours for it to dry. After they dry, you’re ready to drill two holes in the bottom for drainage, and remove the towel from the bucket.

DIY concrete towel4

Now you have a beautiful flower planter!

DIY concrete towel5

You can even paint the planter once it’s dry and really make it your own!

DIY concrete towel6


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