Unique Handmade Gifts Created With Love

Handmade things always have a heartwarming and genuine quality that no mass-product can possess. That’s because they are created with love.

The team is here to show you some unique works made by home and foreign artists this year. Look at these masterpieces to awaken your creative spirit and make your relatives and friends happy by giving them original gifts.

Toys made out of warmth and comfort
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Not only does Chilean artist Johana Molina create wonderfully cute felt toys, but her art also grants love to people; it celebrates the coziness of family and the peace and quiet of rural life.

A premier line of special dolls
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British firm Makies was inspired by online company Toy Like Me to create a product line of dolls with physical disabilities. Participants of a campaign that was launched by Toy Like Me redesigned regular dolls to make them look like real people and posted their pictures on social media. That is their way to support handicapped children and children with special needs.

More than just toys
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Russian artist Evgeny Hontor creates fabulous and striking toys, each of which consists of a lot of details. He works with special polymer clay that hardens when exposed to air. Evgeny developed a special production method all by himself.

Dolls without makeup
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Bratz with makeup on.

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Same dolls with no makeup on.

Australian artist Sonia Singh always thought that dolls could look more ’regular,’ so she created the Tree Change Dolls project. Sonia buys old dolls in thrift stores and changes them beyond recognition by removing aggressive makeup. ’I repaint their faces and make them new shoes, while my mother knits and sews clothes for them,’ explains Sonia.

Cute little doll-toddlers
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It’s impossible not to smile when you look at these dolls created by a talented Pskovian artist Elena Kirilenko. Elena is not only an artist, but she is also a teacher and a mother of three little sons, and she still makes time for her creative works. Elena has been creating collectible one-of-a-kind dolls for several years now.

Drawings by Russian kids turned into toys
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Russian project Fluffy’s Friends creates toys based on children’s drawings. These guys from Moscow bring any fantasy to life, whether they are simple or complicated, and only use the best materials. Parents can email their child’s drawing to Fluffy’s Friends and in a couple of weeks, they will receive a toy that was designed by their kid.

Rings that turn into animals right in front of your eyes
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Bangkok artist m e r r y m e makes charming enamel animal rings. This jewelry has an unusual design: each of these sets consists of three separate rings that can be enjoyed in many different ways. One way would be to put those rings on separate fingers of the same hand. That’s how you’ll create a vivid picture of a fluffy-tailed squirrel eating nuts, or a raccoon using its tail to hold on to your finger. Another way would be to put all three rings on one finger — it would look as if a life-like animal is embracing your finger.

Truly impressive animals created with wet-folding origami technique
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We are used to seeing origami figures with clean lines and angular forms. But Vietnamese artist Hoang Tien Quyet breaks all of those stereotypes. He uses a wet-folding origami technique to create actual paper sculptures with soul and individuality.

A welder can be an artist too
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Art always forges ahead and develops. In the past, artists used paintbrushes and canvases. But now, modern artists are experimenting with metal ’canvas’ and red-hot ’paint’.

Wool magic
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Mariana is a Bulgarian artist. She can make magic by creating cute figures out of regular wool. These little toys seem to emanate warmth and comfort.

Felt toys that are about to come to life
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Natalia Fadeeva is an artist who makes amazing toys out of felt and mohair. All of her work is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Each toy has its own individual trait and facial expression. It looks like this cat is about to jump off the shelf, and those mice are ready to run someplace to finish up their business.

Two halves of avocado
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Anna Dovgan can make anything look lovely. Look at these two halves of avocado! Anna makes her toys out of felt. And even though some might consider subjects of her art commonplace, it’s impossible not to find these little creatures endearing!


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