How To Design Your Walls With Mod Podge And Glitter

Glitter isn’t for everyone, but it can be used to great effect: a little glitter gives an object a hint of sheen, a little more adds fun sparkle, and a lot of glitter makes a bold statement. When Jenn Bayer, a professional makeup artist in Charleston, S. C., decided to add a “fabulously tacky” touch to her makeup studio, she decided to decorate one wall completely in glitter.

Bayer explored glitter wallpaper but it was too expensive, glitter paints and sprays were too subtle and blow-on glitter had her quickly out of breath. In the end she decided to mix glitter with Mod Podge decoupage medium to create a paint she could use to cover the entire wall.

diy glitter wall 1

The materials Bayer used include: glitter in two sizes for varied texture and Mod Podge decoupage medium. Sponge brushes and a putty knife were used for applying the mixture and Goo Gone for clean up.

diy glitter wall 2

Bayer wanted the entire wall to be thickly covered in glitter, so she mixed her glitters with the Mod Podge to a chunky concrete-like consistency. A thin consistency results in more of a sheer look.

diy glitter wall 3

A sponge brush applies the mixture and spreads it evenly. To keep the effect very thick, use short strokes. The thick consistency does not run like paint; it falls in chunks. Bayer notes that it is a “pretty messy” process.

diy glitter wall 4

Bayer’s tutorial video was posted in July 2014, and in a comment from late May 2016, she notes that there are “no signs of wear yet.” It’s the perfect touch of glamorous WOW for a makeup studio!



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