Dad Digs Out A Strange Shape In Their Backyard, But What He Ends Up Making Is Brilliant…

Going outside can literally change your brain if you’re feeling depressed, bored, or just burnt out.  Just spending time outdoors has been proven to replace those feelings with higher levels of energy and creativity, resulting in a brain that is all-around happier and healthier.

Here’s a simple project that can make you and your kids happy!

A DIY racetrack! 

diy racetrack

Bricks, stones, a few pine cones, and anything else you can find lying around the yard are all you need to turn a patch of lawn into a racetrack that is sure to keep kids entertained for hours.


The racetrack doesn’t have to be big – although it certainly can be.

diy racetrack

There are no limits, other than your imagination! The dad above used a shovel to dig out the shape of a racetrack, then filled it with cement. If you don’t want something so permanent, however, the track could be made of bricks, stones, or simply dirt.


Cool accessories for the tracks, like cars and even dinosaurs, can be purchased cheaply at a thrift shop or dollar store. 

diy racetrack

Even though it’s technically for the kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings will all get a kick out of relaxing in the sun and watching them play.


Some people have pointed out that the yard surrounding the tracks will receive a lot of damage. 

diy racetrack

The family above avoided damage to grass by building their racetrack, complete with sandbox, in a mulched area. The plants they chose look hearty enough to withstand a stomp or two, but it’s also a good opportunity to teach kids to respect plant life.


But why stop with just a racetrack? 

diy racetrack

A pool noodle carefully cut down the middle makes the perfect track for a downhill race. Good luck getting the kids to come inside!


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