Use The Space Under Your Counters For This Genius DIY Storage Solution

Do you have trouble with storage in your kitchen?  Always looking for a spot to put everything?  I know even the slightest extra bit of space can make a monumental difference to the functionality of your kitchen. I love  kitchen stuff (knives, pots, pans, gadgets, etc.), but my kitchen has very little space to put it all. We recently bought a little rolling baker’s rack from a garage sale.

Recognizing the need for storage as well as some untapped potential underneath her kitchen counter, blogger Amy from 11 Magnolia Lane decided to take on a DIY project to put that space to use.
diy storage solution 1

Amy wanted the look of a built-in cabinet, without the price of a professional remodeling job so she created an inexpensive bookcase herself.
diy storage solution 2

She found some unassembled bookcases at IKEA and enlisted her dad to help cut them down to size so they would fit snugly underneath the counter. “Measure twice – cut once,” is the motto to follow here.
diy storage solution 3

To match the rest of her kitchen, she spray-painted all of the wood white.
diy storage solution 4

Unfortunately, the project wasn’t all smooth sailing. Amy’s measurements were thrown off by her totally reasonable assumption that the walls and counter in her home were straight. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, so some further adjustments were required.
diy storage solution 5

Amy then inserted metal brackets to reinforce the spots she was planning on putting shelves.
diy storage solution 6

Finally, some more boards were put in and painted to create that truly “built-in” look.
diy storage solution 7

Check out the end results! That is simply stunning, and so functional too.
diy storage solution 8

All it took was a few inexpensive bookcases, some paint, and a little know-how.
diy storage solution 9


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