10 Best Dog Activities To Keep Your Pups Active And Healthy

We all enjoy some extra-curricular activities and these 10 best activities for your dog or puppy will have you engaged and wanting to try them wit your pet! Indoor activities as well as outdoors as long as the dog and owner both have a good time. Read on to learn more.

10. Dog with a ball
dog activities

This is one of the most exciting and sort after activities which engages the dog and owner and enables a bond to be created. The activity can be played indoors as well as outdoors.”Fetch” is a common name for the game played where the owner throws the ball and the faithful and playful pet. Various colorful balls are available in the market to make this activity a whole lot of fun!

9.Running pals
dog activities

What better way to keep fit than with the company of your dog? Yes, cycling is a fun activity for humans and animals alike! All you have to do is chalk in the cycle to your daily routine and take your pup along while he runs alongside making this a great activity!

8.Dog Lazer
dog activities

This is a fun activity, yet it could get dangerous. You must see the reactions of your dog when he reacts to the lazer beam it is surely exciting! All you need to do is flash it in a direction and he begins to follow it.Try this to keep you and your pup entertained.

7.Tug of war
dog activities

Special strings are available to make this game a fun and challenging activity for the dog and owner.Dogs use all their strength and do not let go of the rope until the owner releases it. Be careful as this could get a little rowdy if your pup gets too excited!

6.Obstacle Fun
dog activities

Obstacles can be fun once your dog is trained to jump the bars,he surely will enjoy this power packed activity. Dogs find this fun and the owner takes pride in seeing him perform such heroic acts as would an army personnel! Be sure to get your dog trained by a dog trainer before he performs these advance levels.

5.Up and down
dog activities

Running up and down the stairs is enjoyed by all dogs and in times of today it is an easy and low cost activity! Any dog loves this activity, the owner should set the dog free to take the lead and run by himself if he is trained. It is good for the health of your dog and he will surely enjoy himself as well.

dog activities

Dogs are known to be natural swimmers and this absolutely fun activity sees them enjoy every minute paddling away.This is more of a leisure activity and fun toys such as a ball can be thrown in to the water to accompany the dog and make his swimming expedition a whole lot of fun! Ponds,lakes and pools are suitable water bodies to take him out on that weekend swimming spree.

3.Dog treats
dog activities

Treats serve as gratifications to dogs and we all enjoy a treat once in a while now don’t we? Interesting games can be played with treats and hiding them behind doors and under pillows excites him and makes this game a great one! Some treats are high in calcium and will have your pup hankering after more!

2.Hiking with dogs
dog activities

Hiking is a great weekend getaway and ofcourse dog and owner must have great levels of stamina to make this activity fun and engaging! Choose a great hiking spot and enjoy good time together.The owner as well as the dog pace each other on the hills and take in the sheer beauty of nature at its very best.

dog activities

Doggy Socials are fast becoming the trend and today we even have restaurants which are pet-friendly allowing several dog owners and their dogs to socialize.As man is a social animal so is a man’s best friend. Socializing increases the feel good factor in both dogs and humans and it is essential that the dogs get to know one another and company is always fun and welcome! Don’t we all agree?


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