Dog Cries Into His Security Blanket After His Owners Dump Him At A Shelter

A dog’s loyal heart may very well be the most enduring thing the world has ever known. Even though that heart might be hard to break, when it does, it shatters.

That’s what’s happened to King, time and time again.  Two years ago, the friendly pup’s original owner decided he didn’t want King anymore, so he dropped him off at a North Carolina animal shelter, even after being warned that he’d likely be euthanized within days.

Fortunately, a rescue group intervened in time to save his life, but that was just the beginning of a new set of hardships.

Dog cries1

A woman volunteered to foster King, but after her husband decided he was too “scary-looking,” he immediately hauled the dog back to the shelter. It was closed, so he tied King to the fence out front.

The rescue group was again notified, and a new foster family was found for King. But two days later, he was homeless again after the family learned of a breed restriction where they lived.

King was kept inside a boarding facility for about two months, until a more permanent foster home could be found. That’s when dog rescuer Roberta Sá Griner stepped in.

“I started fostering him, and he was really good,” Griner said. “He was with me for about three months, then a woman adopted him. She had King for a little over a year. Then she contacted me out of the blue and said she wants to give King back.”

Dog cries2

King was noticeably upset after being dumped back into foster care, but Griner was eventually able to place him with a new family. A few months later, they too gave up on him, saying they could no longer afford him.

This week, King ended up back with Griner — his heart was thoroughly broken.

“He is a phenomenal dog, but after being dumped so many times, it’s really getting to him,” she said. “He’s just so insecure now. He just cries. He’s become really attached to this blanket, like his security blanket. He just sits, crying into the blanket.”

What makes King’s situation so puzzling, says Griner, is that he’s a really great dog. Aside from his anxiety, he has no real behavioral issues. She’s still hoping to find him a home where he’ll be welcome forever.

“We need to find someone to give him walks, and to make that permanent connection. He needs that bonding,” Griner said.


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