This Pup Can’t Wait To Go Outside. When Her Owner Opens The Door, Her Reaction Will Make You Smile…

I’m sure most of us are thinking about summer fun and going for a nice swim. Nobody would be as excited as Christy the West Highland terrier, who has just moved into a new home in Florida that has an extra special treat in the yard, just for her. Well, maybe not just for her. The way she responds to it though, you’d think it was.

That’s right, her new house featured a gorgeous pool, and when this pup got a glimpse of it, she simply couldn’t contain her excitement! As soon as she gets the chance, she jumps in for a refreshing dip. Talk about having a dog day afternoon!

As much fun as it is to bring your dog to the pool, it’s important to remember to observe your pets when they’re around water. Like children, it only takes a second for disaster to strike, and while dogs love water, they need your help to enjoy it safely. Not all dogs can swim naturally, and it can take some time to get your dog acclimated to water if they’re not really used to it. In time, however, they can be taught to do all kinds of cool things underwater, like this dog that goes diving for lobsters!


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