French Bulldogs Get Excited About The Dog Park

Dogs live simple lives. Eat, sleep, chase tail, bark at nothing – these furry canines don’t have much to stress about. As long as they have a good home and loving humans to call their family, life is good. Although, it is easy to get bored living such a simple life. No opposable thumb really limits your play options. Dogs need a lot of activity to stay the happy goofballs that we know and love.

It is important for dog owners to take their precious pups out of the house every once in a while. Whether it’s for a walk around the neighborhood or a car ride, dogs need stimulation. All napping and no play makes Rover a very dull boy. Of course, not every dog has the same temperament. Some do well with other people and dogs, and some do not. If your pooch is the sociable type, dog parks are a superb doggy destination. Fresh air, open spaces, green grass, and all the dog butts to sniff – dog parks are to dogs what Six Flags is to people.

For these two French bulldogs, the dog park is more than that. The dog park is heaven. Watch what happens when these frenchies’ owner utters two simple words.



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