These Teens Lined Up By The Pool. Once Their Dogs Hit The Water, You Can’t Help But Smile…

Half Cent. Blonde-Bombshell. Rupert. Chewy. Snoop. These names might not mean much now, but you’ll soon discover that they’re the names of legends in the most intense doggy race the Internet has ever seen. This event has it all: flashy nicknames, nail-biting odds, emotional back-stories, and a pool that separates the puppies from the dogs.

What starts out as a friendly race soon becomes a showcase for some serious skill. Which pup will go on to achieve canine glory? Who will be left doggy paddling in last place? How soon can we see a rematch? If the Dog Olympics don’t already exist, they certainly should now. Needless to say, the 2016 Olympic swimmers could learn a thing or two from Snoop.


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