This Dog Is Ready For The Camera. When Mom Says Cheese, This Is Her Response

This video was posted to YouTube just a few days ago by Amanda Robles, who is fostering this 5-month-old pit bull named Herbert via PAWS in the Chicago area. Every time she points the camera at him and asks him to “say cheese,” Herbert responds with a big, ear-to-ear grin!

According to Amanda, Herbert was never trained to do this (at least not by her) and just seems to have picked it up naturally. Pit bulls are known to be smart and observant dogs, so maybe he observed that people tend to bare their teeth (smile) whenever someone says “cheese.” From there, it may have been a simple case of monkey-see-monkey-do. Whatever the origin of this unusual behavior may have been, I’m just glad it’s a thing. I must have hit “replay” at least 20 times already because I just can’t get enough of that goofy smile.


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