When This Man Hears Noise Coming From Behind His Kayak, What He Finds Is Heartbreaking…

Fifty-three-year-old Donna Chen was out for a run near her Florida home with her beloved vizsla, Barney, when the unthinkable happened: a drunk driver struck them both. Tragically, Donna didn’t survive the accident, and Barney was left injured and terrified.

In the madness that followed, the frightened pup took off into the woods. By the time help arrive, he’d vanished.

Donna was a mother of three children, and Barney was a major part of their family.

dog survives car accident

He went everywhere with them.

dog survives car accident

The accident that took Donna’s life left Barney injured and in a panic. But no one could have predicted what would happen next.

Rory is a true hero for what he did. After returning Barney home, he suggested that anyone looking to help should donate to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.


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