She Tries To Outsmart This Tiny Pup. What She Does Instead Is Unbelievably Cute…

After struggling the last year with my vision loss we finally were able to make a new trick video with my wonder dog Misa Minnie.  This is dedicated to all the people that helped us out this year. Misa Minnie is a 1 1/2 year old Yorkie in this video that is trained with positive reinforcement and lots of treats. She lives in Sunny California where she is home trained and is now officially a Therapy Dog for children and people in hospice.

I think she is the worlds smartest and cutest little dog. But I may be a bit biased.
We hope you enjoy her new video and all the fun new things she’s learned! Check out our Misa Minnie T Shirts and the bows she wears at her store


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