Husband Walks In With Tears In His Eyes, Then She Reads The Note In His Hand…

It is in the news a lot. Our veterans are waiting in long lines to get seen by military doctors. They have difficulty readjusting to their old lives after they return home. Some end up being homeless. It isn’t right or fair.

They risked their lives to protect us and our country! They deserve better. I am not the only one who believes this. Someone showed the rest of us how veterans should be treated here at home. Christopher Garrett suffered a shattered pelvis while serving in Iraq.


His rehabilitation is complete, he is able to walk, but with a limp. Christopher was out in the yard with his son but came inside to see his wife, Brittany. He walked into the house and the way he was standing there, Brittany was concerned.

Christopher told her something happened, something amazing! Someone had left a John Deere riding mower and a note. The anonymous note was a simple, but powerful thank you, signed “A grateful American”.


Christopher’s injury made doing yard work, especially mowing the lawn more difficult. He had been using a push mower every week to mow his lawn.


It was not an easy task for Christopher. The new mower will make life so much easier for Christopher.


We should all thank our veterans, I am not saying you run out and buy expensive gifts – but share your time, visit a veterans hospital, or send a thank you notes.


There are many ways you can show our veterans we care and we support them! Share away, people!


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