Dragon Gloves With Crochet Scales Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Fantasy clothing is as popular as can be right now. We no longer save attire with flair just for Halloween or the occasional costume party. Like tattoos, dressing to express our inner aura with our outerwear is almost mainstream now.

With that in mind, take a look at these truly amazing “dragon scale” crocheted fingerless gloves. While you could wear them for additional warmth (and the fingerless feature means you could easily text and check out those tweets), these are, quite frankly, mostly for style, self-expression, and pizzazz.

The gorgeous ombred shades (in everything from autumn tones to amazing blends of blues, greens, pinks, purples, reds, and grays) will turn any old outfit into a statement!










These eye-catching and unique fingerless gloves are completely handmade from a mix of acrylic, mohair (from Angora goats), and wool. Why not support the special crafts you can only find on Etsy, and let the world know you march to the beat of your own drummer as well! Check out Mareshop on the Etsy site to buy your very own pair (warning: you may not be able to decide on just one design), where you can also purchase many delightful coordinating hand-knit items.


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