TikTok’s Dubai Porta Potty Trend 2022 Is Disgusting as You’d Think

The Dubai Porta Potty Tiktok Trend Is Disgusting as You’d Think.

There’s always a lot to keep track of with apps like TikTok, constantly updating their content. But, because of the FYP page’s algorithm, you may not even be aware that some things were popular in the first place. There is, however, a chance that some of the most popular content on the platform isn’t what you’d expect.

The Dubai Porta Potty trend is currently trending on TikTok. That sounds awful on its own, but it could be much worse than anyone could have imagined. These are the things that we know and how it all began.

dubai porta potty

All About the Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend

According to a TikTok post by @ebrahim ka, this trend has been circulating on various social media platforms recently. Female Instagram models and influencers are being contacted by men in Dubai who are willing to pay them thousands of dollars to defecate their faces.

Ebrahim ka claims that one Instagram model was quoted as saying: “Doing this is a common pastime among the wealthy men in Dubai. They’re disgusting to look at. They all share the same fetish.” This is a broad generalization, but the TikToker stated that he is from Dubai and considers himself wealthy. He said he is not interested in this and that this type of fetish or kink is not common in his country.

dubai porta potty

Ebrahim ka goes on to say that he knows the wealthiest families in Dubai and has never heard of this from any of them, but also that making these kinds of generalizations about Arab men is racist. According to him, there is no evidence that any men featured in these videos about the porta-potty craze are Arabs or even from Dubai. Furthermore, no one’s face or identifying information was shown in the videos he saw.

How did the Dubai Porta Potty trend start?

Although the origins of the TikTok craze are obscure, it isn’t the first time this has happened. Body fluid-related Kinks have existed for years and have communities in BDSM-type spaces to which they devote their attention. In addition, no kink or fetish is exclusive to one racial or gender demographic, and this trend may have originated among Arab men.

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Even though the Dubai Porta Potty trend appears to be attracting tourists from all over, it is not as common as you might expect. Because TikTok has become so popular, it may seem that many people are doing it. There are, of course, those who fabricate outrageous stories for the sake of attention on the Internet.