She Creates Something Brilliant When She Mixes This Bottle Of Nail Polish With Water

Nail polish is commonly used on fingernails and toenails. What makes nail polish easy to dry is the butyl acetate and the ethyl acetate liquids ingredients. Once the polish is exposed to the air, the solvents will evaporate.

This also explains why your polish will often dry if you leave the lid open. Some people can’t stand the smell of nail polish as they wait for it to dry. The smell is a result of the ethyl acetate and the butyl acetate combining together.

We know that nail polish is a beauty staple for those who want to color and manicure their nails, but just wait until you see what this woman does to her nail polish. By applying a layer of it to water, she’s able to “paint” a coffee mug by submerging it in the water/nail polish mixture. It’s a pretty clever idea, and makes for a pretty nice gift item too!


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