Doctors Warn That Wearing Headphones For Too Long Could Cause Blackheads Inside Your Ear

Blackheads are pretty much never fun.

We’ve all had them on our noses or our chins — but did you know blackheads can pop up inside your ear as well? And when they do, it’s pretty gross.

In the segment below, the professionals on The Doctors discuss the reasons that blackheads may form inside your ear. It turns out that the outer part of our ears has a lot of the same sebaceous glands as our noses and chins do. Those glands secret a lot of oil, which can cause blackheads.

But certain habits can make it more likely that blackheads will form inside your ear — like not washing your ears, or leaving your headphones in too long without cleaning them.

Thankfully, practicing good ear hygiene is a pretty easy addition to your daily routine. You can clean the outer part of your ear with a cotton bud, and be sure to wash your ears in the shower.

The video below features a particularly bad case of blackheads that formed inside the ear — and it’s pretty intense to watch. If you’re one of those people who has a strange fascination with pimple-popping videos, this will definitely be up your alley.

In a case such as the one shown in the clip below, however, you should definitely see a doctor.

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