5 Trouble-Free Exercises That Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

If you have an upper arm problem, then your not alone. Many people end up experiencing the flabby arm syndrome at some point in their lives. Some feel there’s nothing that can be done once that flab sets in. But there are exercises that target your arms and can definitely lean them up, while you diet down to lose the fat.

Usually it’s the biceps which are focused on for leaning up the arms. But the majority of your arms consist of the tricep muscle, so in fact this should be the primary focus. There are very simple to do exercises out there that are definitely effective. Here are five of the best that you will want to get started on so you can see results as quickly as possible! Check these out:

1. Push Ups

easy exercises 1

The classic push up! There’s a reason it has endured the test of time. It is highly effective for toning! You do need to perform the movement correctly to get results. You are on your hands and toes with your feet about shoulder width apart. Hands are underneath your shoulders. Bend elbows, lower your body so that you are parallel to the floor. Legs and torso should remain straight. Elbows should form a 90-degree angle. Push the body back up, returning to start position, then repeat.

2. Tricep Dips

easy exercises 2

You need a short bench for this, or chair, step stool, curb or bottom of staircase. Sit down on whatever it is you have with hands on either side of you and fingers facing forward. Slide buttocks off seat, allowing legs to forward extend while keeping arms straight and shoulder width apart.

Bend elbows and slowly lower body. Elbows should eventually be at 90 degrees of an angle. Raise the body back up and repeat. After several reps you should totally feel your triceps being worked big time.

3. Bent Over Row

easy exercises 3

You need a barbell, or two dumbbells, for this movement. Standing straight with slight bend in knees, pick up your weight. If using barbell, use an overhand grip. Bend slightly at waist but keep back straight, with head facing forward. Look straight ahead and not at the ground. Bring it up to your chest, then lower it back down, slow and controlled, to the hanging position, then repeat.

4. Tricep Extension

easy exercises 4

This is awesome for toning your arms and really nailing the triceps. Take a dumbbell with two hands, raising it directly over your head. Now slowly lower it down behind your head. When your biceps and forearms touch, you’ve gone far enough. Now raise back above the head and repeat the movement for repetitions.

5. Dumbbell Kickback

easy exercises 5

Take a dumbbell in each hand and bend the torso forward at waist. Keep your back straight, parallel with floor, while bending knees slightly. Elbows should be bentat 90 degrees. Forearms should be perpendicular to floor.

Don’t move the upper arms, instead raise the dumbbells behind you, using your triceps, and extend completely. Hold it there for a few seconds, then slowly lower it back to the start.


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