They Moved To Canada In 1959 And Had Six Children. After 56 Years, Their Daughter Reveals This…

Edmonton couple's love story

John and Angela Molella’s children knew their parents loved each other, but it was in their parents’ final moments where they understood just how intensely.

The Molellas fell in love in Italy and moved to Canada in 1959. They went on to have a big family with three sons, three daughters, 18 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren.

“Their love never faded. That just continued right to the end,” daughter Sylvia Molella-Parker told CTV News. “Deep down, we knew that probably when one went the other one would probably go shortly after.”

And their assumption was pretty accurate. When 91-year-old Angela was rushed to the hospital on April 11, 2015, her husband of 73 years was right by her side at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Canada.

But then he soon learned that the doctors weren’t giving her much time. That’s all it took for Mr. Molella to become sick himself. He ended up in the same hospital.

Hospital staff put the couple in the same room, and the longtime couple proved just how strong their love was (much like the Virginia couple who held hands in their dying days).

“John, we grew up together, and now we’re going to die together,” Angela told John in the hospital room, according to Canada’s CBC News.

Like the Ohio couple who died just hours apart, John and Angela didn’t want to live without the other.

John passed away 10 days later, which the children believe was because of a broken heart. Angela followed two months later.



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