After Customer Pays For Elderly Couple’s Bill, She Learns The Truth About Their Family Situation…

While Kristen Kinzle had breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe in LA, she noticed an elderly couple at the next table.  Kinzle couldn’t help but notice how much in love there were.

Unfortunately, their romantic morning was being ruined by a few belligerent customers at a nearby table.

“You just see people sometimes that just look like a great couple, and they really loved each other,” Kinzle said.

She decided she would pick up the tab for the couple. Her anonymous act left such a huge impact on her server, Stephanie Miller that Kinzle was in tears.

“I instantly started crying,” Kinzle said. “I just hope it made them for just a moment happy with that amount of sadness.”

“I knew that if I tried to tell her the story myself, I would probably start crying like a baby,” Miller said.

As it turns out that the elderly man had just lost his brother and was in mourning Miller was also feeling down and out, due to the the one-year anniversary of a loved one’s death.


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