Elephant Falls During Her Trick And Shocks The Crowd

It’s pretty commonly known that elephants are one of those animals that forms a bond for life, when it does, but it’s never commonly seen just how deep those bonds go. During a spectacular circus act in Belarus the elephants were the stars of the show, performing tricks and feats that would otherwise seem impossible for a mammal that size when one of them fell.

Just like a group of friends support each other this group of elephants does exactly the same, rushing to the aid of their fallen friend. It’s both a fortunate and unfortunate situation, as the elephant didn’t suffer any long-term damage from the fall, though she will be forced to perform again. There’s plenty of petitions and activism groups aiming to end the use of the large mammals in circus acts, but if the elephants aren’t treated cruelly then would all circuses bad? What do you think?


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