How To Look Perfect At Any Age According To Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is an Australian supermodel, women’s lingerie designer, actress, and the mother of two adult sons. One can safely say that she looks perfect and has a head start on her younger colleagues. The 51-year-old model doesn’t make any secret of her age, and openly shares the tips that help her look astonishing and super sexy.

We really cannot ignore such a wonderful woman, and so we decided to share Elle Macpherson’s secrets of health and beauty with our readers.

Her main tips are healthy and balanced nutrition, regular physical activity, and pH balance.

’You would be surprised to find pH test strips in my handbag. I am never without them. I believe that most illnesses are caused by acid-base imbalance.’

’Every day I do my morning exercises and work out in the gym for 45 minutes. I walk and water ski regularly. I keep quite a strict diet and don’t eat red meat, wheat, or dairy foods. Drinking alcohol and smoking are also strictly forbidden. I add vitamins to my regimen, because it boosts my energy level and helps me stay active. I also consider protein and dietary supplements to be very efficient. They help my body resist everyday stress. During the years of following a healthy lifestyle I have tried alternative medicine, acupuncture, and reflexology,’ says Elle.

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Stay active

Elle works out almost every day for no less that an hour. ’I ski when I am in the mountains and go swimming in the sea. I also do yoga or work out in the gym. I always have my running shoes and iPod with me wherever I may be. For me, running is not only a way of keeping fit, but some kind of meditation,’ says the model. According to Elle, the most important thing about fitness is regularity. ’There is no need to always be on a diet and kill yourself in the gym several days a week. You’d be better off doing efficient exercises or running every day. The main thing is not to neglect your body.’ These are Elle’s main rules.

Live in harmony with yourself

’What motivates me is being joyful, inspired, passionate, strong, and healthy. It’s what makes me work out and keep to my diet every day. And it’s much more important for me than what my scales show. I use a small trick to make myself go to the gym: I ask myself if I feel better or worse after working out. I cannot think of even a single case of feeling bad after physical activities.’ Elle Macpherson also insists on loving and accepting oneself, including your age, wrinkles, and body, because each age gives its own benefits.

Stay inspired

’Do what you really love,’ the model recommends. ’I wish to be healthy and happy, love what I do, and keep doing what I love. I adore lingerie and sports such as skiing, surfing, and cycling. I don’t think sport is just a way of losing weight, or business is just for money.’

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Elle’s workouts

Elle Macpherson does sports under the supervision of her personal fitness instructor, James Duigan. He also works with such stars as supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and British actor Hugh Grant. James Duigan presents some of the workouts of his most famous client.

’We use the TRX trainer, fixed on the wall, for working on the upper arms. These exercises work the muscles using the body’s weight, so they don’t overtrain the bicep muscles. When at home, Elle also does push-ups on the edge of the couch.’

Abdominal muscles
’Elle does hanging ab crunches on stall bars, raising her knees to her chest. This type of workout slims the waist without bows or crunches. After working out, Elle drinks a smoothie with coconut butter, cinnamon, and the nutrition supplement Body Brilliance Powder. It raises her blood sugar level, so she doesn’t even think of eating a dessert.’

’We cannot do without classic squats, lunges, and plastic roller exercises for the outer sides of the thighs, and they don’t overwork the knees. Then Elle treats her burning muscles with lymphatic massage.’

Butt muscles
’Actually, you don’t have to go to the gym to get your butt muscles fit. Bend your feet with a resistance band, and walk along the room. This exercise doesn’t harm your joints, but works out the muscles and corrects your posture. You shouldn’t, of course, avoid squats — do them as often as possible. The most important thing is to exercise properly.’

Back workout
’Elle does special yoga exercises for her posture to avoid stretch marks on her chest and keep the muscular tonus. We call this workout ’Y&T’: she bends her knees, pushing her buttocks back, gathers in her stomach, and lowers her shoulders. Her back and head stay straight. She reaches her arms out 15 times (she looks like the letter ’Y’), then stretches them to the sides (like ’T’).’

’At the end of her workout, Elle rolls a tennis ball with her feet. This simple exercise can be used instead of reflexology. It’s especially good for women who often wear high heels.

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Her diet is one of the most important parts of Elle’s lifestyle. She eats only organic products and drinks 3 liters of water every day.

Elle is sure that beauty is something that comes from within. It’s not only about inner beauty, but also the products we consume.


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