Cashier With Autism Damages Her Bread And Is Painfully Slow, So She Writes This Message To His Boss

When you’re the mother of a child with a disability, it can sometimes seem like you’re the only one who understands what the issues are. So when Emma Shawcross came across a cashier at Tesco who she was pretty sure shared the autistic characteristics of her own 12-year-old son, instead of being impatient and annoyed, she was downright thrilled.


With Rob as her checkout guy, Emma detected a lot of similarities in behavior to her own autistic son. She could see he was perhaps a bit discombobulated as far as organizing her items, her bag of bread got squished, and he had some trouble figuring out where the barcodes were on several items.

But Emma didn’t mind at all, as she later told Tesco in her now-viral Facebook post.


She ended her lengthy post describing her experience this way:

“. . .every moment of that was just perfect. I asked him how he was finding the job and he chatted a bit about his experience of Tesco and how they had given him an opportunity many other employers hadn’t. See this guy is Autistic. As a mother of a 12-year [old] Autistic boy this makes my heart smile. Changing attitudes teamed with employers, like you, who really do offer equal opportunities are a changing people’s lives. So thank you Tesco, it was a pleasure shopping with you today.”


As for Rob’s Tesco store manager, she was obviously delighted to hear this recognition, both for her branch and her hard-working and well-meaning employee in Rob.

“My colleagues at the store work hard to serve customers a little better every day and Rob is no exception. His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around him and he is a real credit to our store,” store manager Jo Marsh wrote in response to the effusive social media post.


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