Transform Everyday Items Into Stunning Pieces Of Art Using Picture Frames

Great wall art is hard to come by and can be very expensive. Did you know that there are all kinds of items already in your house that will make great wall art? From keys to concert tickets, there’s no shortage of ways to get creative when it comes to decorating!

Here are some of our favorite ways to transform everyday items into beautiful pieces of wall art. 

1. Scrabble Art
turn everyday items into art 1
While many people sell Scrabble art online, it’s super simple to make this stunning piece in your own home. The best part? They’re endlessly customizable, making them perfect for a heartfelt message or an inside joke.

2. Pressed Flowers
turn everyday items into art 2
Who said pressed flowers have to stay in your scrapbook? All you need are some eye-catching flowers, a frame and a plain background to mat them on. Press them for a few days and your flowers should be good to go!

3. Get Funky With Fabric
turn everyday items into art 3
Fabric is great wall art hiding in plain sight. Whether you have old fabric samples that are gathering dust or a colorful scarf that you don’t know what to do with in the offseason, this is a great way to liven up any room.

4. Memorable Keys
turn everyday items into art 4
Keys hold so many memories for us. There’s no better way to remember everything these keys represent, from first cars to first homes, than in an elegant frame.

5. Ticket Collage
turn everyday items into art 5
Speaking of memories, tickets are a great way to remember everywhere we’ve been. Gather up your old plane, concert and movie tickets and turn them into a fun collage. Plus, this makes for a great conversation starter when you have guests over to your house for the first time.

6. Vintage Recipes Make For Fine Art
turn everyday items into art 6
Every family has recipes that have been passed down for generations. Decorate your kitchen with these flour-and-oil-stained pages to remind you what inspired you to cook in the first place.

7. Old Quilts Become New Art
turn everyday items into art 7
Have a blanket or quilt that’s reached its last leg? Instead of throwing it away, why not frame it?

8. You Don’t Need Windows To See The Forest
turn everyday items into art 8
Similarly to pressing flowers, this is a creative way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. You don’t even need to add a back to the frame, just attach some sticks from your lawn and admire how nice it looks.

9. Calendar Art
turn everyday items into art 9
Have you ever seen the art on a wall calendar and wished you could keep it up for longer than one month? Now, you can! Frame a single piece, or find a few that go together well.

10. Bag Art
turn everyday items into art 10
Shopping can be expensive, so if you’re going to drop some serious cash at a big-name retailer, you might as well get the most bang for your buck. Some shopping bags are gorgeous and would make great decor for a shopaholic’s closet.

11. Show Off Your Collections
turn everyday items into art 11
Turn your house into a miniature museum by framing whatever it is you enjoy collecting. If you don’t already collect something, no worries. Gathering a frame’s worth of buttons, shells or old coins shouldn’t take very long at all.

12. Paint Chip Calendar
turn everyday items into art 12
Tired of buying new calendars every year? Instead, grab some old paint chips from any hardware store and craft the perfect dry-erase calendar with all of your favorite colors.

13. Matte Painted Silverware
turn everyday items into art 13
Vintage silverware from antique shops is surprisingly cheap and it makes for incredible wall art. Paint it to match your frame and you’ve got something worthy of a museum that costs less than the price of admission.


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