While Her Flight Was Delayed, She Honored Her Brother’s Memory By Giving A Homeless Man Money

There is a reason for everything that happens, and sometimes we are lucky enough to see why things happen. Our flight was supposed to take off at 1:30, and it was delayed until 4:30. Which was annoying but we made do with the time and took care of things we needed to do.

Then we get off the plane and out suitcases didn’t come out for over an HOUR. Obviously, we were all getting a bit disgruntled as we all want to go home after a long day. Suddenly I see a homeless man wearing dirty clothing begging for money. Everyone is saying no and walking away from him, but something told me this was why I was here. This was why my plane had been delayed and why I was still sitting by baggage pickup an hour later.

I went over to him and gave him $20, and he says “Thank you so much I don’t need to beg anymore thank you thank you, ” and I watch him run to the Dunkin Donuts in the airport and is literally jumping up and down as the man hands him his bag of food. My heart told me I wasn’t done. So I took another $20 and walked over to him. He said thank you again for the food and “God bless.” Then I handed him the $100, and his eyes grew so wide, and I told him “My brother just passed away and I want to do this in his honor. I want you to take this and go buy yourself some new clothes” he told me how sorry he was for my loss and kept mouthing, “Wow, wow, wow,” as I walked away.

I am sure that this was exactly why the events of today happened so that I could make a difference in this man’s life. I’ll never know his name, and I’ll never see him again but Meyer would have done the exact same thing, and I am here to pay forward the goodness that he left in this world. We only live once – do it right.

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