Simple Exercise That Will Get Rid Of Your Saggy Double Chin Instantly

Sagging skin is one of the harsh realities of growing older, but there are ways to temporarily combat the effects of gravity on your jawline. Try as we might, aging gracefully has proven to be more of a challenge than previously thought. One of the biggest concerns that comes with getting older is sagging skin, especially under the jawline. While that look may be adorable on bloodhounds, it’s understandable to want to avoid it on your own face. WebMD describes skin as “a fiber meshwork of collagen and elastin — proteins that keep skin firm. When skin is stretched, this protein matrix snaps it back into place.” As skin cells age, however, the network becomes less firm and tends to droop as gravity pulls down on the weakened skin. Aside from ample use of moisturizers and sun protection, there are steps you can take to delay the inevitable.

Fox News Magazine asked three experts — makeup artist Bobby Wells, aesthetician Fini Leijssius, and cosmetic surgeon Victoria Karlinsky — for their advice on how to prevent skin from drooping, and each stressed the importance of keeping the skin hydrated. In addition to a rich night cream, Wells recommends regular facials with special attention paid to firming ingredients that contain ceramides, peptides, and collagen boosting ingredients. Leijssius also advocates for exfoliation, and, as a last resort, Karlinsky recognizes the desire for a face-lift — mini or otherwise. Barring those remedies, the video below demonstrates a simple exercise to strengthen the underlying muscles around the jawline, chin, and neck.


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