What Does Facebook Bump Comments Mean 2022

What Does Facebook Bump Comments Mean 2022

Anyone who has used multiple social media apps knows that understanding these algorithms can be a challenge, mainly if you haven’t used all of them at the same time. You might want to examine why your posts aren’t getting a lot of attention on your social media feeds.

On Facebook, you may come across a post that receives a lot of Facebook bump comments in them. However, it’s not clear what these remarks mean.

Facebook Bump Comments

What do Facebook bump comments mean?

When scrolling through your favorite group’s feed, you’ll notice a few posts with only facebook bump comments. This is because only one or two people will comment on the word, but other times the comments section of a post will be full of these.

Those unfamiliar with Facebook’s algorithm may find this information difficult to comprehend. For example, Facebook favors posts that receive more comments and likes in its users’ news feeds.

Facebook Bump Comments

Some people will comment “bump” on the post if it contains important information or is an attempt to raise awareness for something, and this can help it get more attention from other users.

This type of post is typical even in groups where the rules or guidelines are being updated for the community. As a result, they’re ensuring that the post is seen by more group members by “bump[ing]” it into the top of other users’ feeds.

A “bump” on a post isn’t required, especially if the person who posted it doesn’t specifically request it, but if you think more people would benefit from it, it doesn’t hurt to do so.

How to hide comments on Facebook

If you want a post to get more attention, you’ll likely get some comments that don’t always feel like they’re adding anything useful to the discussion. Comment sections on Facebook can quickly devolve into personal attacks, whether the post is political or not.

It may be time for you to hide some of the comments on your blog post if you find that the comment section of your post is overflowing with negative comments.

By clicking on the three dots next to a comment, you can make it appear or disappear from your post. Then select “Hide comment” from the drop-down list.

However, if the commenter you’re dealing with is particularly obnoxious, you may want to delete the comment from your post.

Facebook Bump Comments

Only the poster and their friends can see the comment if it is hidden on Facebook. This shields your college friends from your family’s criticism of a recent political post you made on your blog (and ultimately getting into an argument with each other).

While this is true, you should weigh your options carefully before deciding whether or not to hide the person whose comment you wish to keep private because you share many mutual friends with them.