Army Officer Spots Man Pretending To Be A Marine In Airport

On a flight from New Mexico to Kansas back in September 2015, an unidentified Army Lieutenant noticed a man in a United States Marine Corps uniform, but something wasn’t right. The army officer and his wife snapped a photo of the Marine Corps veteran. After the plane landed in Kansas, the army officer was compelled to confront the man and learn the truth.

The army officer and his wife approached the fake Marine when the plane landed in Kansas. While his wife holds the camera, the officer approaches the fraud and begins asking him questions. When approached, the man in the Marine uniform admits he is making it up.

His excuse for invalidating the lives of the U.S. military? “I went to a wedding.”  He wore a Marine uniform to impress the guests at the wedding – and he continued to wear the uniform on the plane and on his way home.

“You’re working a rank that doesn’t matter [to you],” the woman responds.

The Army officer who confronted the fraud had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times. Because he knew people who lost their lives fighting in war, this man’s action made him even more angry.  Stealing a Marine’s valor is no joke.

Watch the video below to see the confrontation in action!



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