She Was Annoyed By A Fake Sign The Woman Put Up On Her Street

Back when I lived with my parents, there was a woman on the HOA that lived across the street from us (both houses were on the corner).

She decided that there was too much traffic on the street in front of her house in the morning, so she decided to put up an official looking sign stating that no one could turn right at the stop sign in front of her house from 6 AM to 3 PM. Mind you, people were turning right at that corner because there was an elementary school located on the street behind her house and many people needed to drive there, but she didn’t care, it was “disrupting” her, and she wasn’t going to allow it.

However, I also needed to turn there to get out of the neighborhood for work, so one night a few days after she put up the sign, I stole it. She put it up again; I stole it again. She responded by selling her house.

Justice was served.


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