Son Cuts Off His Hair After His Single Mom’s Pay Was Reduced And The Reason Will Touch Your Heart…

I am a single mom to my son and things have not been so good the last few of months, money wise. My job “restructured” some things with our pay and so my take home had to be reduced drastically.

I’ve been looking for a second job or a different job entirely, but haven’t had any luck. My son has also been looking for a part time job to help with bills because he sees how stressed I am. He finally got hired! He’s going to be working at McDonald’s, but just one thing before he can start working – he has to get a haircut.

You see, my son is a musician in a death metal band and has hair down to middle of his back. He is proud of his hair and feels like it is a part of his “identity”. It’s REALLY important to him. But, he went today and got it all cut off so that he can work at McDonald’s and help his Mom pay the bills until things get better.


I cried when the stylist cut the first locks off, but I feel some relief that we will now have a couple hundred dollars a month more so our electricity won’t be turned off (yes, it’s that bad). Just wanted to brag. He’s a good kid. Love you, Jason!


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