These Horses Are Popular On TV, But See How They Interact With Some Elderly Admirers…

This is the heartwarming story of one elderly lady, Marion Roberts, who was approaching the end of her life, and how she was able to get one of her bucket list items crossed off.

Marion is under the care of Crossroads Hospice, an organization that makes a special point of asking all their clients what a perfect day would be to them. They do their best to make that day happen. For Marion, her perfect day involved horses – specifically, the Clydesdales horses.

Famous horse

The 95-year-old has loved horses since she got her first pony when she was just seven. It sparked a lifelong love, and in her youth Marion even worked as a trick rider for the rodeo!

Famous horse

Although the Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, the official home of the Budweiser Clydesdales, doesn’t open for visitors until April, they made a special exception for Marion. She got to say hello to several of the horses and made an instant bond with one of the largest Clydesdales there, which you can see in the sweet photo below.

Famous horse


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