Farmers Create A Parody Of Pop Songs To Show What It’s Like To Be A Farmer

Once upon a time, Americans who lived in the rural parts of the country had not one thing in common with their more urban brethren. But thanks to the internet and music videos, that’s all changed, and today’s Iowa farmer can be just as hip-hop hipster as anyone in New York or Chicago.

Which brings us to a trio of such farm boys, known across the ‘net as the Peterson Farm Bros.

With wit and precision, they transform popular artists’ works, by the likes of Silento and Mark Ronson, to entertaining and educational videos that showcase the global farming scene and everything that goes into it. The videos cover the spectrum, from soybean to dairy farming, and show what a mechanized business it’s all become now.

The parody songs also remind viewers that without farmers, they’d have nothing to eat. Whether you’re vegetarian or love a good steak, you’d be pretty hungry without the produce from farms, whether those are in Kansas, Texas, Germany, or Brazil.

While we’re not sure these guys would blend right in if they ever visited Compton, they’ve mastered the moves and grooves of hip-hop and can sell a song with the best of them. You could even say they have an ear for good music, and know how to pick the cream of the crop to do their parodies.


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