German Study Confirms Fat People Are Generally Nicer Than Thin People

Results of a recent study have confirmed what we’ve long suspected. Chubbier people that have a little extra padding are generally nicer than skinnier people.

In findings reported by German researchers, it was revealed that fat people are generally nicer compared to their skinnier counterparts, according to Metro UK.

The experiment analyzed 20 fat men and 20 skinny men playing games that challenged them to make economic decisions with fake money. According to Distractify, results of the test implied that “lean men made less fair decisions and offered 16 percent less money than corpulent men.” It was also evident that thin people seemed to offer more money to their fellow thin people.

Researchers concluded that weight played a part in the decisions participants made. “Our data show that economic decision-making is affected by both the body weight of the participants and the body weight of their opponents, and that blood glucose concentrations should be taken into consideration when analyzing economic decision making.”

Cheers to those of you that have just a little extra love (handles) to give!

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