Woman Gets What She Deserves After Trying To Fat Shame A Girl At The Gym…

I was at Planet Fitness the other night, doing my reps as usual. It was pizza night. A young, thin, blonde woman carrying a plate loaded with pizza walked over and struck a pose in front of me. It was clear that she had targeted me for some cruel words due to my weight. “Oooh, the pizza’s so-0000 good today!” she exclaimed. She threw back her head, downing whole slices and making orgasmic noises with each bite.

After fifteen minutes or so, I’d had enough. “Excuse me. I’m glad you are enjoying your Italian cheese-and-tomato bread, but your little noises are greatly distracting to all.” “O000h, I understand. The sight of me-eee must be horribly depressing for you.” she snickered. “I eat whatever I want, Whenever I want, and don’t lift a finger all day, and I’m a real-life Barbie doll. YOU work your butt off, eat almost nothing, and look like wet garbage. Must suck, eh, lady?” She was so evil, I couldn’t help but giggle. Her eyes went wide in shock. I had denied her the anger she so craved. “What, my dear, makes you think I’m working out because I want to look like you?” I asked.

“I work out because I like it. I eat little because I’m not hungry. I weigh more than you because of my genes. And that is okay. I’m okay, you’re okay. I’ll be me, and you’ll be you. That is life.” “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” a male voice rang out. Skinny girl looked to be five seconds from a heart attack.

“You fat people always stick together!” she screamed.

“Fat people?” he chuckled as he stepped out from behind the vending machine, revealing his slim, cut physique. We both trembled at the sight of him. I played it cool, but Skinny broke into a lusty sweat. “Sir, I apologize!” she backpedalled. “I’d be happy to make it up to you!” He laughed. “Miss, no offense, but I’d kindly suggest you tie those pigtails of yours to a car bumper and ride your implants half way to Canada.”

He walked straight past her and bowed to me. “Ma’am, will you accompany me to the pizza party?” he asked.

“As soon as I finish my reps, I would be charmed.” I said.


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