8th Grade Student Is Introducing Special Guest At Assembly, Quickly Realizes She Was Set Up…

Military families sacrifice so much for the safety of our country.  They are away from home for long periods without seeing their loved ones. Haley Webb, an 8th-grade student at Bingham Middle School in Missouri, knows a thing or two about this. Haley’s Dad has been deployed for years. Haley was recently asked to introduce a special guest in front of her classmates, teachers, and parents at the school’s Veteran’s Day performance.

father daughter surprise

Haley played her instrument in the school band before being given the important task. When she was finished with her band performance, she walked up to the podium. Haley began reading the paper, which celebrates the special guest’s life achievements. In the middle of her speech, Haley noticed something changed. She becomes emotional at this point. 

father daughter surprise

Haley realizes what is happening and continues to cry. The audience has no idea why and claps for Haley. That is when she realizes that her teachers set her up for an incredible surprise. Watch the video and see why Haley became so emotional.


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