Over 22 Years, Man Fathered 8 Children With His Daughter Is Finally In Prison

Domingo Bulacio, 57, an Argentinian man dubbed “The Monster of Villa Balnearia,” fled his home in Villa Balnearia  after his victim, his own daughter contacted authorities. She turned her father in after being his sex slave since she was just 11 years old. Bulacio kicked his wife out, and he fathered eight children during a 22-year reign of terror. According to reports, he showed no emotion when he received a 12-year prison sentence.

father of sex slave daughter goes to prison


DNA tests confirmed the children his daughter Antonia gave birth to, were his. It was reported that six of the eight children spent time living at a charity boarding school but are now reportedly back with their mother at the rundown family home.

Antonia said that she had been abused from an early age by her dad and another relative. She has since received death threats since coming forward.

“From the moment my mom left home I became my father’s wife. He would hit me and used to chase me around the house with a lump of wood when he saw me chatting with a neighbor or simply wanted to abuse me,” she said.

“He threatened me constantly and I always feared for my life. He told me he would kill me if I said anything,” she said.

“I’m scared for my life and the life of my children because I’m receiving threats from my father’s relatives to withdraw my complaint against him,” she said. “I want him to rot in jail. I want justice to be done.”

The monster, after 45 days on the lam, is in custody since his arrest in January.

His relatives were among the 50 witnesses who testified in court in the northern city of Santiago del Estero.

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