Father’s Keen Eye Saves His 12-Year-Old Daughter From A Predator

When Tim Leblanc went home one evening, he had no idea he was about to make a shocking discovery. It was a discovery that no parent ever expects, and one that should be a cautionary tale for others. It all started when Leblanc was up late one night and noticed that his 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom window was open. Confused by what he was seeing, Leblanc proceeded to check his daughter’s bedroom, only to discover that she wasn’t home. As you would imagine, he immediately started searching for his daughter, until eventually, he came across a suspicious looking truck in his neighborhood.

He soon discovered that his daughter had gotten inside the vehicle with a stranger she met online. Leblanc immediately approached the man, who claimed to be a teenager, but later turned out to be 27 years old. His motives were clearly sick – he wanted to take advantage of this young girl, even resorting to sending inappropriate pictures of himself before meeting up with her. Upon this realization, Leblanc held the 27-year-old man to the ground and called the police. He also took a picture of the man to send a chilling message to other parents about what can happen if children are left unattended on social media.

Leblanc says, “What I’ve gained from my interaction with this guy is I don’t think she would’ve ever come home alive.” He urges all parents to limit the time their children spend online if they want to reduce the chances of sexual predators targeting them. Following this incident, Leblanc has banned his daughter from using social media sites. Personally, I completely agree with his decision, and it’s something everything parent should consider in order to keep their children safe.


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