Fiat Chrysler Plant Relocates From Mexico To Michigan, Opening More Than 2500 Jobs In America

Fiat Chrysler announced that it is moving their production of heavy-duty trucks from Mexico to Michigan. It will be paying bonuses to US workers in response to the passage of US tax reform late last year.

fiat chrysler plant moves out of mexico

Imani Long working at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US Warren Stamping Plant.

Beginning in 2020, the automaker will invest $1 billion in its Warren Truck Assembly Plant to make the Ram Heavy Duty Truck. That truck is currently made in Saltillo, Mexico. Workers will continue to make commercial vehicles.

FCA says the Warren plant will add 2,500 new jobs.

While senior executives won’t get a bonus, the company plans to pay $2,000 bonuses this spring to about 60,000 hourly and salaried US employees.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says the company should adjust its manufacturing footprint to reflect “improvement in the US business environment.” He says employees should also share in the tax savings.

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