Here Is What Happens When A Car Is Parked In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

The City of Merced Fire Department of California went viral in 2013, not because of the fire it successfully put out, but for its necessary “hosing” technique.

An “idiot” driver blocked a hydrant and left his or her car sitting in front of a business. With the car sitting there, someone’s life was potentially at risk, should a fire break out.

Lo and behold, a fire started at the business nearby, and the fire engineer was forced to throw the hose directly through the driver’s car, shattering both windows.

Don Long, deputy chief of the department, was stunned when his engineer did the only thing he really could in the situation. “He just took his hydrant wrench and took out the driver’s side, walked over took out the passenger side,” he told CNN.

It’s crucial to keep the hose straight, as one minor kink could cut the water supply in half, resulting in a failed attempt to put out a fire.

It doesn’t matter how expensive a car is, firefighters are forced to “hose” cars if necessary!

Here’s a powerful reminder to never park your car in front of a hydrant.


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